Sample Email for Diwali Celebration in Office: Spread Joy and Happiness

Diwali, one of the biggest festivals in the Hindu calendar, is just around the corner and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with your colleagues at work. With its vibrant colors and joyous spirit, Diwali is the perfect time to bring everyone together, break the monotony of office life, and create lasting memories. To help you get started, we’ve crafted a sample email that you can use to invite your fellow coworkers to join in the Diwali festivities. Check it out below, feel free to customize it to your liking, and let the celebrations begin!

Subject Line: Celebrate Diwali with your Colleagues

Hi Everyone,

I hope this email finds you all doing well. As we gear up to welcome the festival of lights, I wanted to take a moment to invite you to celebrate Diwali at our workplace. It’s a great opportunity for us to come together, bond over festive cheer, and make this time of the year more special.

We have some exciting events planned for the day that are sure to brighten up your workday. We’ll be decorating the office with colorful lights, rangolis, and Diwali-themed props. There will also be some delicious Indian snacks and sweets for you to indulge in, and of course, no Diwali celebration is complete without a few rounds of games and activities.

I urge you all to come and join us for the celebration, and feel free to invite your family members and friends as well. It’s a chance to embrace different cultures, share happiness, and make new connections.

When: [Insert Date and Time]

Where: [Insert Location]

We cannot wait to celebrate Diwali with you all, and it promises to be a day filled with joy, laughter, and lots of positivity.

Warm Regards,

[Your Name]

The Perfect Email Structure for Diwali Celebration in Office

Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a significant event in Indian culture and traditions. This auspicious occasion is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm in offices and workplaces across the country. As a part of the management team, you might be in charge of organizing the Diwali celebration in your office. In order to make the most of this festive occasion, it is important to write an email that is clear, concise, and engaging for your colleagues.

Here are a few tips on how to structure your email for the Diwali celebration in the office:

1. Start with a warm greeting:

Begin your email with a warm greeting. Address your colleagues by their first name instead of using a generic salutation like “Dear All.” This will make your email feel more personal and inviting. A warm greeting will help to set the tone for the rest of the email.

2. Share the purpose of the email:

In the first paragraph of your email, clearly state the purpose of the email. Explain to your colleagues that you are writing to invite them to celebrate Diwali in the office. You can also provide a brief explanation of what Diwali is and why it is an important festival in India. This will help your colleagues to understand the significance of the event.

3. Provide details of the celebration:

In the second paragraph of your email, provide details of the Diwali celebration in the office. Mention the date, time, and location of the event. You can also include information about the dress code, food, and activities planned for the day. This will give your colleagues a better idea of what to expect and help them prepare accordingly.

4. Add a personal touch:

Adding a personal touch to your email will make it more engaging and memorable for your colleagues. You can share a personal anecdote or a story about your own experience of celebrating Diwali. This will help your colleagues to connect with the festival and feel more invested in the celebration.

5. End with a call to action:

In the last paragraph of your email, end with a call to action. Encourage your colleagues to RSVP to the event or to let you know if they have any questions. This will help you to get a better idea of how many people will be attending and make any necessary arrangements. Finally, end your email with a warm sign-off, such as “Best wishes” or “Looking forward to celebrating with you.”

In conclusion, a well-structured email for the Diwali celebration in the office can make a big difference in getting your colleagues excited about the event. By following the above tips, you can create an email that is engaging, informative, and personal. Happy Diwali!

Diwali Celebration in Office

Invitation to Diwali Party

Dear Team,

We are thrilled to invite you all to our Diwali party, which will be held in our office premises on Thursday, 14th November. The party will start at 6 PM and end at 8 PM. We will have delicious snacks, sweets, and drinks for everyone to enjoy. There will also be a photo booth and music to get you in the festive mood. Dress up in your best traditional attire and come join us in the celebrations!

We look forward to seeing you there.

Best regards,

HR Team

Gift Exchange on Diwali

Dear Colleagues,

As we celebrate Diwali, it’s the perfect opportunity to spread joy and happiness. Let’s kick off the festive cheer with a gift exchange. Each of you will be randomly assigned a team member and you will have to prepare a small present for them. We suggest keeping the gift under $10, but it should be thoughtful and meaningful. We will gather together during lunchtime on Friday, 15th November to exchange the gifts.

We hope you’ll participate in this fun activity and make somebody’s Diwali special.

Warm wishes,

Management Team

Decorate Your Desk for Diwali

Dear All,

Diwali is just around the corner, and we want to make our workspace more festive. We encourage everyone to decorate their desks or cubicles in celebration of the festival of lights. Use colorful lights, rangoli designs, or any other decor to brighten up your workspace. Let’s add some sparkle and joy to our workplace!

We will have a small competition for the best decorated desk, and the winner will receive a prize. The deadline to decorate your desk is Tuesday, 12th November.

Happy Diwali!


Management Team

Diwali Leave Request

Dear Manager,

I wanted to request leave on Thursday, 14th November to celebrate Diwali with my family. As you know, Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India, and I would like to be with my loved ones during this time. I will make sure that all my pending work is completed before I leave, and I will be available on phone or email in case of any urgency.

Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to getting back to work after the holiday season.

Best regards,


Charity Drive for Diwali

Dear All,

As we celebrate Diwali and the victory of good over evil, let’s also think about those who are less fortunate. This festive season, our company is organizing a charity drive to support a local orphanage. We will be collecting donations of food, clothes, toys, and money. You can drop off your donations at the front desk until Tuesday, 12th November.

Let’s spread kindness and generosity this Diwali!

Best regards,

HR Team

Diwali Potluck Lunch

Dear Team,

Food is an essential part of any celebration, and Diwali is no exception. Let’s have a potluck lunch on Friday, 15th November to celebrate the festival of lights. Please bring your favorite dish to share with your colleagues. We will have a variety of food to savor and enjoy.

Let’s feast and have a great time together!


Management Team

Virtual Diwali Celebration

Dear All,

We understand that not everyone can be physically present for our Diwali celebration due to various reasons. Therefore, we are planning a virtual celebration to include everyone in the festivities. We will set up a video conference call on Thursday, 14th November at 4 PM. During the call, we will share some Diwali traditions, have a virtual rangoli competition, and play games. Please join the call and share your joy and enthusiasm!

Wishing you a happy and blessed Diwali!

Best regards,

HR Team

Tips for Writing a Sample Email for Diwali Celebration in Office

Diwali is a festival of lights and signifies the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. It is a time for celebration, merriment, and joy. As Diwali approaches, it is customary to share wishes and greetings with colleagues and coworkers. Writing a sample email for Diwali celebration in office requires careful consideration and attention to detail. Here are some tips that can help you draft a professional and heartfelt message:

  • Start with a greeting: Begin your email with a warm and friendly greeting that sets the tone for the message. You can use standard greetings like “Dear colleagues” or “Dear team” or personalize it by using their names

  • Share the significance of Diwali: Not everyone may be familiar with the history and significance of Diwali. Take a few lines to explain the festival and what it stands for. It will help your colleagues appreciate the occasion better.

  • Highlight the celebration: Specify the date, time, and location of the Diwali celebration at the office. Mention the activities planned, such as lighting diyas, decorating the office, dressing up, playing games, and sharing sweets and snacks. Encourage everyone to participate and make it more festive.

  • Express gratitude: Take this opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation for the hard work, contributions, and support of your colleagues. Acknowledge their efforts and convey your wishes for their well-being and success.

  • Spread positivity: Use uplifting and positive words that imbue the spirit of Diwali, such as peace, harmony, prosperity, and happiness. Avoid using negative or discriminatory language that can offend or hurt anyone’s feelings.

  • End with a farewell: Conclude your email with a friendly farewell, wishing your colleagues a happy and safe Diwali. Thank them once again, and sign off with your name and designation.

With these tips in mind, you can draft a sample email for Diwali celebration in office that is inclusive, respectful, and celebratory. Remember, Diwali is a time of unity and togetherness, and your message should reflect that spirit.

General Information

What is Diwali?

Diwali is a Hindu festival of lights that celebrates the victory of good over evil and is celebrated by millions across the world.

When is Diwali celebrated?

Diwali is celebrated between October and November each year. This year, it falls on November 4.

Why do we celebrate Diwali in the office?

We celebrate Diwali in the office to promote diversity and inclusivity, build stronger relationships between colleagues, and to enjoy a festive atmosphere together.

Diwali Celebration Email

Who receives the Diwali celebration email?

The Diwali celebration email is addressed to all employees of the company.

What should I include in the Diwali celebration email?

You should include details about the celebrations, any relevant information about time and venue, and any special instructions.

Do I need to use any specific format for the Diwali celebration email?

While there is no specific format, it is advisable to keep the email informative, concise, and welcoming, with a positive and inclusive tone.

Celebration Arrangements

Is there any dress code for the Diwali celebration in the office?

No, there is no specific dress code. However, traditional attire is always appreciated, so you are welcome to wear traditional Indian clothes if you wish.

Who is responsible for organizing the Diwali celebration in the office?

The HR department or the Social Club committee is usually responsible for organizing the office Diwali celebration. But feel free to contribute and make suggestions!

What types of activities can we expect at the Diwali celebration in the office?

There may be music, cultural performances, and activities such as rangoli-making, henna stalls, and firecrackers (if allowed in your area).

Celebrate Diwali in Style with Our Sample Email!

We hope this sample email for Diwali celebration in the office has given you some great ideas to make this festival a memorable one. Don’t forget to add your own personal touch to make it unique and enjoyable for everyone in your office. Thank you for reading, and please do visit us again for more great content. Happy Diwali!